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Huangshan International Hotel (Huangshan International Hotel), Hotel de la paixDonnées à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.Dans le même temps, les hôtels sont équipés de huit salles de conférence de taille variable, avec des équipements sophistiqués tels que l 'interprétation simultanée de six canaux, peut accueillir des expositions, des conférences internationales.BR l 'hôtel est également une culture de photographie de la province d' Anhui, avec des salles d 'accueil, des salles de planification de la création photographique, des galeries d' exposition photographique, des studios de post - photographie et d 'autres installations professionnelles.Données à titre indicatif uniquement, elles ne sont pas intégrées dans les notes d 'hôtels Ctrip.
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  • joe5201314
    Lollipop clip clop
  • jtllove
    Second stay, convenient shopping
  • garygary0
    Front desk to upgrade has luxury double bed room. room also is is good of, facilities also is good, only is room of table wipe has has watermark, feel not special comfortable, hope yihou can note these details, other is good of. General for price is high, cannot to Jiangsu and Zhejiang of tone five-star to requirements, after all price pendulum in there. If to Jiangsu and Zhejiang to requirements, this five-star of tone is extremely barely of. hotel building relative old, but rooms also is new decoration of,Business hotel for breakfast are also level. but the waiter service was very good. overall excellent and recommend it.
  • m00080472
    Accommodation was good, close to where the old streets are very close, but the breakfast was not good enough, the taste is very general, variety is limited
  • e00026687
    Environmental and health conditions are good, buffet breakfast was abundant, but small room, some old equipment.
  • b bnmbmn
    This is the second time in three days to live. morning, son of stomach upset, sick, dirty sheets, but hotel did not mention any. service attitude is good, breakfast is very good. the key is price and the regular price is the same as the Spring Festival.
  • ying8117
    Good environment is good, a kilometer is old street.
  • earnsy
    Hotel in Nice surroundings close
  • e01331094
    Room great location great, rooms and basic facilities very good good, great going out a 15-minute walk to the street of the hotel, it is worth booking hotels the price is right
  • ronnie119
  • Melony
    Feeling less than five stars
  • e01246024
    Nice pool compared to the force is near the scenic spot
  • fangie0908
    Good old shop
  • bingdiantd
    Big room away from the street for a taxi 6
  • ganjiamin1983
    Day weekend, location is OK, near old street, is the room faces North, South would be even better!
  • fiona1122
    Really big room, newly renovated old hotel should be like, health and facilities are good, but attitude at the front desk in the lobby
  • vincent1207
    From tunxi in about 15 minutes walk from the hotel. While no landscape, but going out is a big river, Riverside Walk is also good. breakfast is OK, service is very good, is rather old facility. There are many restaurants near the hotel, taste good. the price is fair.
    Hotel water pressure instability, one hot, one cold,
  • amy_fc
    Good location, old streets from the airport is very close. room facilities is very good, breakfast very good.
  • Durex
    Hotel is nice ... rooms are small, but facility is new, bed very comfortable. not far from tunxi. in front of the hotel there is a river, very beautiful. Hotel good service, attentive milkman, hotel, and still enjoy the benefits of milk for the first time.
  • fansABcAt
    Nice, not far from tunxi. walk for a while, can also take a tuk-tuk. hotel facilities or something, well, if you go, will choose to stay.
  • Billsun007
  • mdjtllf
    Hotel location is very good, clean health, high service quality, gives a sense of mind full of hospitality.
  • mindy8081
    Stay two nights, very good,
  • bridget001
    Affordable, wanted to walk to the street food in the evening and then went back to sleep well hotel
  • ssun79
    Nice, next time will come.
  • benbenben
  • tsuisoft
    Accommodation is easy to eat and drink, lodging, services are in place, they may
  • e02073430
    Hotel Airport transfer service is not ideal, advance can't pick a day flight delay for too long
  • syounene
    Nice hotel, quiet and convenient
  • E00075581
    5 stars hotel, many discounts the hot water outlet is small, it is worth staying
  • aurora830
    Environment is very good, very clean.
  • century
    An older hotel-
  • francy
    Good, clean
  • beibei1232006
    Apart from the price more reasonable, but overall with five-star standards, some gaps, some taste special room, I do not know whether the sewer problem?
  • liulu41
    Is a very old hotel
  • Allen0518
    Free up Deluxe standard rooms, rooms are OK, but shower shower head was broken.
  • e00138526
    For five-star should fail Oh ... but the prices are cheaper. as four star hotel, is so-so
  • lisa2313
    Hotel is very good, not far from the old streets, quiet
  • e00065026
    Old facilities, poor service, no hot water, more cheating!
  • bmjun
    Nice stay, comfortable bed, clean, hygienic ... next time.
  • openslowly
    Good location and high cost performance. is recommended.
  • beajames
    Hotel value for money high, nice, nice, convenient and satisfactory
  • Donbee
    Hotel is good, location good, facilities good, service good, health good, worthy of five-star hotel, especially price high. breakfast we to of late, waiter deliberately to we left has many things, also delay has they work, is is sorry. hotel in also has a small garden, although is small, but as this South outing of first station, see spring, is happy. Camellia following also hanging has a brand introduced nickname, is intimate. addition said sentence problem aside, in here mentionWoke up members, night out dinner, near some small restaurant, must to see menu of price again order. We on suffer has, near a small restaurant, we night at 10 o'clock more to of, around basic are not business has, think is a small restaurant, so didn't see price on points has several local of well-known dish, results three a adults was slaughter has 300 most. second days in tunxi street of well-known hotel dinner, points of is well-known dish, only spent has more than 100 more. addition, street there ofMany small restaurants, showmanship at the door said, food prices, this selling point, here price passenger is a common thing
  • bill.6
    Tough, five-star, room was good, nice, breakfast is at most three-star standard
  • bbddn
    Great value, very good!
  • vivi30
    Very satisfied with the hotel. each aspect can be ... is the night to the sound of the train, but not sound. eat breakfast very good. many varieties.
  • fanli
    Very good hotel, convenient traffic-stopping
  • jlsslj
    This price can live in a five-star hotel, nice yo! Hotel Cardiff is not authentic. holiday friends a heads up sit behind 158th rickshaw he would 'zeal' taking you to a restaurant, and the restaurant food also poor service, high prices!
  • loveme
    Sanitation service breakfast location the prices are great