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The Huangshan International Hotel (Huangshan Guoji Dajiudian),  located in Tunxi,  is a five-star hotel just 4 kilometers from Huangshan Tunxi Airport and 2 kilometers from Huangshan Railway Station.
Rooms in this Huangshan hotel are all equipped with air-conditioning,  domestic and international long-distance phones,  mini-bars and internet access.

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住客评论 2428条评论     4.5分/5分 更多
  • dongrisongyang
    Very nice hotel
  • Janus
    Each will be staying in a hotel in Huangshan city, cost-effective ultra-high.
  • guojian
    It's not bad
  • finalf
    Huangshan only a hanging five-star of hotel, hotel parking identifies do of bad. Since driving to of, navigation to has near, how also to can't parking. front desk service good, was is 4th, staying, set into has 5th,, front desk has been enthusiastic of help solution. away from Wuzhen is near. room noise bad, corridor of talk sound, closed sound too noisy. night also has Miss call, too effect five-star of image.
  • Billsun007
  • lingjian198806
    Deluxe standard room is spacious and clean, the hotel's breakfast is also very good
  • dudu929
    Good location, high cost performance.
  • gaoyifeng1984
    Except for Huangshan scenic spot is a bit far, but others are passable
  • m02345011
    Very good, next time you will choose
  • crescent222
    The geographical position is superior, from tunxi second stops it, the price is reasonable, the next opportunity will come again
  • octop25
    Breakfast good, combining Chinese and Western varieties are ... rooms comfortable, fully equipped, there is fruit up. transportation is convenient, very close to old street is also very convenient.
  • annaprincess
    Overall pretty good
  • e02338841
    It's not bad
  • pjp0126
    On the first floor, rooms mouldy taste heavy, Windows cannot open bugs, not to change the floor, breakfast was lousy, price is not high. up to three star standard!
  • angee
    Hotel taxi service, breakfast is too little.
  • afeng
    Room was too complicated, actually, but easy to raise prices
  • Abats
    For too long, says is the five-star, which is Samsung's level, but it is worth the price
  • ada1207
    Hotel location is not too hard to find, navigate to the North Gate, and not open. navigate to Simon, the road marking is not clear. good hotel facilities and services, deliver helpful, than a 3 star hotel. closer to the street is the, walk about 15 minutes. overall, General.
  • dayanglu
    Very good software and hardware are very good ... service was very good ... very much.
  • June-mi
    Navigation to the hotel is not easy, because a door closed. breakfast, room was musty. iron and convenient.
  • edwardty
    great location walking distance to the famous huangshan city ancient old street tourist spot.
  • gangyoyo
    Good service, very clean, also very convenient travel.
  • joycesoul
    All right
  • peita
    Antique, Huizhou charm!
  • dmttyao
    Hotel a bit old, but the surrounding traffic is good
  • dinci
    No live
  • buxianxian
    Nice hotels, will also take into account next time stay
  • CindyYang11
    Nice hotel.
  • julien1010
    Poor awareness of service
  • SiawooLiao
    Hotel service, giving visitors a feeling of being at home. the wind-simple!
  • agileasun
    So-so reception level.
  • bearman1982
    A satisfactory tour arrangements.
  • tonypaulen
    Very good, very, very comfortable bed, helpful for sleep after climbing, will stay again. recommended
    Hotel service quality is great, scenic five-star standard hotel does do! there is complimentary tea and popcorn. If you go to play when they started, not to start time, can pack you get breakfast at the hotel, remember to reserve one day in advance yo!
  • cyuxuewen
    Better than expected, the price is very reasonable.
  • e00707974
    Which is very nice
  • applered
    Hardware environment of the hotel service error
  • leoxin
    First day Huangshan international hotel and Baiyun hotel on the Hill the next day, the third day Huangshan international hotel, hotel reviews. From Huangshan HSR station shuttle bus directly to Huangshan international hotel gate. a large room, apart from the carpet not too clean, and other clean sanitation. However, the shower heads have to say too bad, inlaid in the wall above the bathtub shower, can't be, water and so on any adjustment, water is very small, no shampoo,Rinse bath, stood for more than 20 minutes in a nozzle, all lived in the hotel with one of the most difficult to use sprinklers. If not booked in advance on the third day, after the Hill ready for a. Baiyun hotel on the Hill the next day, the location is very good, to the light to see the Sunrise, the whole play without having to go back. room was small, but clean and comfortable. does not provide washing and disposable supplies, but there are slippers. breakfast eat buffet dinner, species are abundant in the eveningBuffet buffet is cheaper than in Beihai hotel to eat at noon, kind, Nice. Third days staying Huangshan international big hotel, with first days live of not a building floor. staying Hou first view bathroom, good, has bathtub, also has shower room. shower room of nozzle is easy, water big, can handheld, with hot water good rushed has rushed I sore of leg, cool. really not understand, also of price set of also of room, difference how so big. but this room has unit mold taste, Wants to open a window into the room air, whilst no screens. bathroom disposables is not complete, estimated the attendant missing. five-star hotel, the details also have to pay attention. the line bus to the high speed rail station, is not a general crowd.
  • benmaolxd
    In General can
  • a11222
    Late arrival guests room clean and odor-free facilities are very satisfied with the service
  • amiga0210
    Good! next time you will choose.
  • costa1221
    Second stay, very close to old street, meals are convenient, health services are also good
  • bl1967
    Tunxi, Huangshan tours one day, national holidays, breakfast too many people, there's no place to sit, service, front desk check-in girl bad attitude
  • may2525
    Room is too old! cheap room quality discount? four stars up to ... service was good, breakfast not enough five-star standard. General.
  • l118844
    Room facilities very good, breakfast was great, close to where the old streets are near, very satisfied!
  • Caragorn
    Is like of a hotel, two times to Huangshan are live in here, and municipal government around building lined of environment than, side is make in the take static, along door of HJ go 20 minutes, on to has Street, native and food are has has, bus and taxi also is convenient, bus site on in hotel door. If to sat car starting to around scenic, hotel away from bus station also on two Station Road, travel can said no shortcomings has. Environment in the store are nice and the room was spacious, window woodAnd the Hill. buffet breakfast category are also very rich, full no problem. two days before is not high season, there are people coming and going in the hotel, business was good, next time you come here.
  • amy_leeyan
    Near old street, this five-star, or a value, the next time you go to Huangshan
  • e00271381
    Highly recommended! 880 how to book has more than 300 hotel room is really five star standard room special decoration is also very new. MOM next door restaurant food very good price very affordable is really very satisfied with Anhui staying the night before left me pleased with my girlfriend
  • Walking tour tour tour
    Breakfast is OK, good overall infrastructure,
  • jovislee
    The price is nice! is near from the streets, walking past a convenience. is the hills behind the hotel, the front is a river, a very good environment.